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tender loving companies


Businesses work with businesses, that's a fact. The methods of finding new business are becoming out-dated. Telecomms, networking, it's all expensive and a waste of time.

TLC changes the way business is done...


If you feel like your work load is too much, outsource some of your work to the TLC community. Many businesses stop at max capacity, now there's no need to. All of our members are trustworthy businesses.


Find work using TLC and apply for work that other members are outsourcing. All of our members are businesses so you won't be undercut by the freelancers.

Applying won't take long and you can apply to as many jobs as you like, at no extra cost.


There is only one type of membership at Tender Loving Companies, which means no business will have an advantage over another. 

One account gets you everything. Outsource as much work as you like and apply for as many jobs as you like. Unlike other platforms we don't take hefty chunks of money out of your transactions. We just have one simple monthly fee that gets you everything.